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The World Would Be... :iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 0 0
I Musn't Speak
Hm. A giggle, but shh love.
I'm too late.
I fell in love. And realize, this is the first time I've even let it out without immediately denying it, or brushing it off.
Don't speak, truths are too hard to hear amongst commoner words.
They can get lost like tourists in unseen towns, as truths aren't spoken often.
Who? Who am I referencing?! That that makes me cry?
Or that shoulder I cry on? He's gone, and maybe that's what matters to me... I missed my chance...
I fell in love...
No! Let me say it!
But I shake my head.
No. No. NO.
I fell in love...? When? How could I be so stupid, and disobey everything I've ever said?
I'm sorry! I'm in love and it hurts and shit!
I'm sorry! I don't want to care!
Becomes: tears.

I don't care...

I fell in love....
:iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 2 3
Goodbyes Hurt....
With every passing day I stare at it; my new best friend.
My lynch, my noose, my final straw.
I think about it every moment of the day, every day in fact.
Constantly, it lulls in the back of my conscious, telling me it's over.
Over... If only...
I'd give anything to end it; but the only cost is my life and no matter how much I hate it, I can't.
I don't know if I'm willing to leave those few good things behind.
Have you ever written you own farewell? Adieu to this world, if you will?
It's a feeling worse than any physical pain ever could, to reflect on everything you hate about yourself.
Every cruel word ever spoken about you, and every moment you've wanted to cry.
I never cried harder, realizing how few people I had to say goodbye to and how many wouldn't care when I was gone...
Heartbreak is more than bitchy teen girl complain about boys...
When your heart is really broken, it's not from a boy. It's from the world bearing down on you so hard you have a physical pa
:iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 0 6
A New ID by Screammealullaby A New ID :iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 3 1
After All Those Years
For all these years I'd wondered...
I'd wondered why every time I wore headphones, you'd kiss me on the head.
Every since we were young.
You always did, without a doubt.
But it was only when I had headphones on, both, not just one.
Was it so I couldn't hear?
What's to hear in a kiss?
So one day, I had to know.
You didn't even notice,
When I paused my music.
You came over, just as always, and kissed me on the head.
So there wasn't anything to hear?
But then it happened.
You whispered "I love you".
I thought it was a fluke.
So I tried again.
"I love you."
You still don't know, but now I always pause my music.
Not a song in the world is as beautiful as your words.
Someday I may reply, with my own "I love you too."
But for now I think, just your words will do~
:iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 2 6
Mature content
A Whole Eternity :iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 3 30
For Every Thousand
For one thousand screams, there are one thousand whispers...
For one thousand tears, there are one thousand fears...
For one thousand smiles, there are a thousand laughs...
Let's laugh together forever, and forget what we're doing now.
Forget the petty feelings, let's keep it artificial.
No, but as long as you don't know, I don't care!
Just those three words you said, may have saved me...
Saved my heart, my sanity, my life.
That's it!
Your simple I. Miss. You. Saved my life...
That's also why,
For a thousand sad tears,  there are a thousand happy ones.
For a thousand feigned laughs, there are a thousand genuine.
For one thousand screams of fear there are a thousand of pure joy and jubilation.
Now tell me, wouldn't you prefer the latter?
How many thousands are you willing to count to?
:iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 0 22
So Very Sorry...
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I asked you to understand when it was impossible. This is my sincere plea; I didn't realize you couldn't understand.
I'm sorry.
You don't know what's like to be alone in the world. You're always surrounded by people, flooded in popularity and know roundly as the 'guy with the accent'. The girls love you, and you love the guys. The world bends to your will and whims and I can honestly say I doubt you've ever cried a single tear, especially not over me.
I'm sorry.
I lied to you for 15 years. I'm sorry, I couldn't bear to tell you the truth! I loved you with everything I could, but I also knew, that it was unrequited and you never would. It was ok though, because no matter who you dated, you always came home to me.
I'm sorry.
Home... Is something we don't share anymore. It's ok though, what's 8,500 kilometers to my heart? Oh... I suppose an alternate demise to what God planned?
I'm sorry.
After all I've done, and who I've become, God doesn't care about m
:iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 1 27
Domination by Screammealullaby Domination :iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 3 8
Forever Isn't What that Means
One, two, three...
In my head I'm screaming.
The car is silent.
Silence is so fucking loud!
When jealousy becomes a feeling of abandonment, I  turn that feeling at you.
One, two, three...
Hate burns my eyes, or they're just tears.
It doesn't matter, it was just 15 years.
You didn't mean anything during that time.
Now, even though we ride, side. By. Side.
You look at me like I'm your...enemy...
I look back to the road, an inevitable tear I've called hate rolling down my face.
I wipe it away and quicken the car's pace.
One, two, three...
Don't you care what this does to me?
Your being selfish, and maybe I am too.
But didn't the word inseparable mean anything to you?
One, two, three...
I know, we're almost grown.
Friendships don't last forever, not even our own.
I never thought you'd leave, when I needed you most...
Now what we were will fade...
After everything I've done for you; every sacrifice I've made...
One, two, three...
All I can
:iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 1 30
Mature content
I Like, Love You :iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 1 1
Mature content
What He Wants-Thiefshipping :iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 28 15
Vikingar Fram Till Slutet ch 4
At that moment they all had the same thought... This is it.
Not even the wind blew in that moment. Everything sat perfectly still: untouched and silent.
Everyone's minds began racing with different emotion. 'T-This isn't right' Denmark thought to himself, though he kept this emotion hidden and stood his ground, angry his plans were being upset.
Norway looked at Denmark with worried eyes, praying that he kept his cool. The Dane looked as if he were about to snap, and it was very likely. Norway then stole a glance at that damned Brit; he stood tall (as he could), prideful, with his entire army standing strong behind him.
"Damn it England, stand down and surrender or watch as we defeat you!" Denmark yelled, shattering the silence that surrounded the thousands of people witnessing it. All that made up Scandinavia were slightly shocked at the authority his voice held, the articulateness of his words. They believed in him.
England on the other hand, great and powerful, was not
:iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 4 2
Mature content
What the Hell? Ch 3 :iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 5 26
Vikingar Fram Till Slutet ch 3
September 21st. "Finn," Sweden nudged the boy awake and he rubbed is eyes groggily. "Let's go." Finn sat up, seeing that the older man had all their stuff packed up and ready to go. He struggled to his feet and threw on his leather tunic, grabbing is helmet in a rush. Sweden put his hand on the younger's shoulder, steadying him. He gave him his sword and gestured for them to follow the crowd of Vikings.
They trudged in silence for a good while and Finn worried about the next few days. He bit his lip in concentration and managed to trip over himself. Sweden caught him, looking down with worried, greenish blue eyes. Finn just shook his head, dismissing any worry the other may have and intertwined their fingers. "Sve, I still don't think we can do this but I know it'll be ok as long as you're alright." He mumbled quietly so as not to be heard by anyone, not even Sweden himself. Is efforts were for naught as the other man squeezed his hand a little tighter and looked at him once again.
:iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 2 2
Vikingar Fram Till Slutet ch 2
September 20th. 2/3 of the original Vikings rested after the Battle of Fulford. They were now traveling lighter, fewer than the 300 longships they had started with; even their armor and weapons were lighter. They left the other 5,000 men behind, along with the rest of the longships. Normally, they hit the shore, did their work, and left, striking the village like lightning and leaving without a trace but not this time. This time Denmark had a plan, as he knew England would be there and this time he would not get in their way.
"Den?" Norway spoke softly to his friend from behind him as Denmark stared at the ocean.. "Are you ready for this? The sun will set soon; the men are resting for the most part, most sleeping. They're expecting a difficult battle."
"I've got this under control." Denmark replied, though he hadn't the upbeat and positive voice he usually held. "This is gonna be one of our greatest, Norge!" He turned in a rush to face his friend, his huge grin in its reg
:iconscreammealullaby:Screammealullaby 4 10


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United States
I'm Ashley, and I write a lot of fanfiction.... Mostly Yugioh at the moment but I take requests. I am a criminal, and :iconyamibakura77: is my partner in crime >:3 totally official! :XD: I'm Screammealullaby on so yeah =3 check out my stories!

Current Residence: Chicago
Favourite genre of music: American (no better way to put it)
Hey guys, how's it going? I know, I'm still not on much, but I think I might delete this account. My email is if you want to keep in touch~ Email me with your dA name so I know who you are ^,^ I'll leave this up until the next time I'm on, then that's it so email me! :heart:
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